First images out of the Widelux panorama camera!

Here they are folks, the first images out of the widelux. I was provided with the negative scans as '.tif' files which I then processed in Adobe Lightroom. I was also kindly provided with JPEG's of the neg scans, but decided to try my hand at conversion myself. 

All shots are taken at 250th second at f/11. All I wanted to check with these initial black and white shots was that there was no banding occurring, which sometimes happens when the barrel housing the lens 'swings'. If this swing is not at a constant speed, then banding can occur where the film is unevenly exposed...

Film stock used this time was: Kodak TRI-X 400TX.

Qatar's Katara Amphitheatre.

Katara's Amphitheatre 

Taken with the first roll of film I've used in over 3 decades!

Force of Nature 2

Katara's Force of Nature 2

By Lorenzo Quinn

Full sun

Testing light and shade

How would the camera and film hold up?

Straight into the sun

Full sun above

How would the film and camera hold up when pointed directly into the sun?