Developing a habit!

So, the first roll of 35mm black and white film has just gone for developing, after shooting my first 20 images with the Widelux camera.

Because of the 24x58mm nature of the negatives produced by this 140 degree panorama camera, only 20 shots are possible on a roll of film that would usually give 36 shots...

Not having built exposure metering, only 3 shutter speeds and f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8 and f/11 as f/stops, it has been a real challenge. I only shot in the middle of the day and at night and I expect at least 50% of the images to be dreadful! 

Nothing quite like starting from scratch again and learning to be a photographer all over again!

I love it.

Kodak 400TX film in the Widelux F7

Back to the future

Black and white film stock - like gold dust.

Widelux magic!

The Widelux  F7

Like learning photography all over again.