Richard J. Bentley

Richard is a British photographer & filmmaker. He has been based in the gulf region since January 2014.

He has worked with global brands, shooting time-lapse sequences for Burberry and recently had a solo "Desert Rose" photography exhibition in Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar. 

Born in Nottingham, England Richard has worked in over 45 countries in the media industry. He was educated in London in film & TV, where he specialised in all aspects of production, in particular film editing. After graduating,  he moved to Denmark where he embarked upon a Masters Degree in computer science, before converting to a full time position at a Danish sports channel, followed by a career at Denmark's Radio television for several years.

In 2000 Richard returned to the UK, where he worked for the BBC as a news director and field producer. He also worked as a video journalist and has trained over 3,000 journalists, video editors and camera operators to shoot & edit their own stories. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and teaching. 

He now resides full time in Doha, Qatar.